Edge of Tomorrow had some pretty amazing visuals, including aliens who proved to be a formidable enemy. But in designing the aliens that would kill Tom Cruise over and over, the designers started out with some pretty wild — and creepy — ideas.

We already shared some concept art by designer Kevin Jenkins, but now production designer Oliver Scholl has posted a ton of unused designs for the aliens, by Jenkins, plus Steve Burg, Tani Kunitake, Ed Natividad and others. And some great mecha suit designs have also turned up online.

Scholl writes on his blog:

Everybody has their own opinion what a true alien should look like. Starting point was the novel, then things got "opened up" and we went crazy. One could argue that our final Mimic at least has arms radiating like a seastar, if longer and nastier. Did you know aliens have to have a face? I think we ended up with something unique and memorable after all.

Check out some of our favorite images below, and more at the link. [Oliver Scholl via Comic Book Movie]