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If you've been longing to see Sigourney Weaver's Ripley return to face those Aliens one more time, the good news is, she's ready to go one more time... As long as Joss Whedon isn't writing.


Talking to MTV, Weaver said that she'll happily return to Ripley, as long as the script is right:

Even in twenty years, if someone came to me and said, ‘This is the story, and it's a really interesting story using that world' [I'd do it]. I think it's an amazing saga... I don't sit around thinking, ‘Oh I want to do another Alien,' but it does feel slightly unfinished to me. But that has a lot to do with Fox, so it wouldn't surprise me if another generation at Fox, looking at what they have, would [make it work].


That generation wouldn't include Dollhouse and Serenity creator Whedon, however; his script for a mooted Alien 5 left Weaver cold:

You know, Fox was going to do another one. They had it written. Joss Whedon wrote it... It took place on earth, [w]hich, I have to say, just really didn't interest me. And I just felt that every time we went out there, we needed to have a really original piece.

That sounds like a challenge to Fox right there. What will it take to see a new Weaver-starring Alien movie (sans Predator)? And does an audience really want to see a 60 year old Ripley taking on old enemies one more time?

Will Ripley Rise Again? [MTV Movies Blog]


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