Alex Cox's Repo Chick Wraps... And Otto's Swapped For A Hottie

Original director Alex Cox has finished shooting his Repo Man sequel, Repo Chick. The updated movie deals with mortgage foreclosure crisis, but still supposedly hangs onto the original's sadistic charm.


On Cox's blog, the director posted the above pic (and it's the only one he's posted from the set thus far. While he won't say who the actor is... we have a feeling it may be Miguel Sandoval, whom the director described as:

Gray, mentor to the Repo Chick. Sandoval, as visitors to this site will know, is an actor whose escutcheon remains unblemished by time or television. He and Jac have been joined by Ben Guillory, Xander Berkeley, Karen Black, Zahn McClarnon, Robert Beltran....

The new repo men and women have expanded their business during the credit crunch, and now grab up boats, houses, planes, small nations and even (according to the blog) small children. "Jac" is the Repo Chick, Jaclyn Jonet, who was also in Searchers 2.0 and looks a little something like this:


I'm incredibly supportive of this venture. Not only is the original director attached, he's continuing to challenge himself with what he's calling an "eight-film microfeature, monochrome movie." Plus, some old cast members are returning, and this sentence from Cox's blog fills me with hope:

we shall film a car crash, and a giant robot.

We'll keep you updated on release dates for this masterpiece in the making. Thank you to Twitch for pointing this out!


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