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Andròn, the first feature from Italian filmmaker Francesco Cinquemani, stars a cast of unknowns alongside two Hollywood stars (Alec Baldwin, Danny Glover) Its concept appears to meld The Hunger Games’ fight-to-the-death competition, The Truman Show’s all-seeing overlord, and the greenish-black palette of a thousand scifi films that’ve come before.

It also, if the trailer holds true, contains the following lines of dialogue:

Now things get interesting!”

“Escape, and you live. Don’t, and you die!” (Related: “If you fail, there will be dire consequences.”)


“Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends!”

“They’re off the grid!”

“Don’t make me hurt you more than necessary.”

“Let’s start a revolution!”


The fact that Andròn is apparently a year old—and has no release date to go with this trailer—isn’t promising. But it also has some hints of campy ridiculousness, which can be fun when administered correctly. See for yourself:

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