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Alasdair Wilkins is a reporter at io9. He mostly specializes in science pieces, some of which are even accurate.

He recently relocated to Los Angeles and is hard at work slowly transforming himself into every horrible Southern California (sorry, sorry...SoCal) stereotype ever. This is to make up for utterly failing to turn into a walking New Jersey stereotype, despite living there for more than a decade. He was also born in the UK, which makes him (sort of) British, so he's all really a bit of a cultural mishmash.

He's the site's resident Isaac Asimov expert (at least as far as he's concerned), and he has countless fascinating opinions about the last five decades of Doctor Who that he would be happy to share with you at great length. (For instance: Peter Davison was brilliant! And other opinions that are equally piercing in their insight!) He's hugely geeky about all things science and science fiction, not to mention sports and comedy, just to keep things interesting.


This is the main place to find what Alasdair has to say, although he is the lead writer of his college improv troupe's upcoming book So You Think You're Funny?: A Students' Guide to Improv Comedy, if that's the sort of thing you happen to be into. He's also the writer of a couple epically incomprehensible superhero comics originally published in his college newspaper, Astounding and Chronopolis, as well a few radio plays that he could really see Robert Downey, Jr. bringing to life on the big screen.

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