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Alan Tudyk's Resident Alien Shares a Peek at Its First 10 Minutes

Nice hat!
Nice hat!
Image: Syfy

He’s cold, he’s alone, he’s about to solve a murder. Oh yeah, and he’s an alien. Syfy has shared the first look at Resident Alien, which stars Alan Tudyk as an alien going undercover as a doctor in a small town—while struggling with whether he can follow through on his diabolical mission.


The first 10 minutes of the series debuted during a panel at New York Comic Con. Resident Alien, based on the Dark Horse series, stars Tudyk as Harry, an alien who’s crash-landed on Earth and takes on the form of a doctor in Patience, Colorado while awaiting rescue. He struggles to balance his newfound life and friends with his secret mission, as government agents and other threats pursue him.


In the sneak peek, shown near the beginning of the panel, we see Tudyk’s alien crash-land on Earth near a cabin and murder the doctor staying there so he can take on his form. He spends time trying to learn about humanity and its strange ways, including using Law & Order as a language tool, while also trying to find his equipment so he can continue his mission. However, one day the local sheriff comes to his door to ask him to help solve a murder, which brings him crash-landing into a world he wanted no part of but now he can’t escape.

Resident Alien also stars Sara Tomko (Once Upon a Time), Corey Reynolds (The Closer), Alice Wetterlunch (Silicon Valley), and Levi Fiehler (Mars). They also revealed during the panel that Linda Hamilton is set to appear during the first season. The series is set to debut in January 2021.

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This looks great. I read the first Resident Alien comic and it’s slightly different — Harry doesn’t really have a “mission” since it was a complete accident he was on Earth and he’s a lot less awkward, since he’s been on Earth for a lot longer — but they always change things when they do adaptations like this, so I don’t mind. Plus, Alan Tudyk is a gem.