Those of you unfamiliar with the freakish mania of cult web series Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show may find what I am about to tell you very disturbing. Alan Tudyk, who played Wash on Firefly and has shown up in several CSI episodes, has been poisoned by bubbles and attacked by a giant lobster. We've got the video to prove it. Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show is a sendup of Japanese talk shows, or maybe American stereotypes of Japanese talk shows. Or maybe it's just giant ball of complete insanity. On a recent episode, Tudyk played a lobster fisherman being interviewed by show host Kiko. Who is cruelly subjected to inhuman torture! And then rescued. But only after songs.

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From Crackle: G.T.C.M.S. Season 2 Episode 7

Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show [official home]