Alan Moore Talks About Publisher Break-Up

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Comic bigwig Alan (Watchmen, V For Vendetta, From Hell) Moore's latest book, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman: The Black Dossier, may only have hit US stores this morning - copyright issues and rumored stupid publisher tricks keeping it away from the shores of other countries - but the notoriously outspoken Moore is already talking about the book's difficult birth.

When we started the project, the publishers were so excited by the sound of it, and they were assuring us that it would be published as a complete large-scale volume, the record included and everything else... Kevin [O'Neill, artist of the book] was assured that it would not be solicited until he had the last page drawn. This was more or less how things went until we said that this would be the last thing that would be published by DC/Wildstorm. At that point, there began a year or so of petty interference and very irritating behaviour - Kevin was getting phone calls demanding that he hurry through the remainder of the pages, because it 'had to be out' by San Diego last year. Kevin was explaining that that wasn't the way he did things. Things were going to take as long as they were going to take. By this time I wasn't speaking to anybody at Wildstorm or DC other than necessary business phone calls that were very brief and to the point. But I believe it was somebody from the marketing department who was behaving very much like a kind of jilted girlfriend, who was saying, 'Well! Will you be drawing faster when you're being published by someone like [Top Shelf's] Chris Staros?' That was like saying, 'Go to him! Go to your whore!' It was very much a kind of jilted bride.


For those who have already picked up a copy, the internet has already gifted you with comprehensive annotations to the 208 page mix of comics, prose, porn and 3D pop-culture popcorn-fest, courtesy of author Jess Nevins. Having had an advance look at the book, I have to tell you: Without these handy tips, you'll be lost. Image courtesy of DC Comics.

Alan Moore: Inside The Black Dossier [Comic Book Resources]

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Damn... I wonder where my copy of "The Black Dossier" is? Perhaps I need to get another copy and revisit it with the online annotations.