Alan Moore sums up everything that's wrong with the entertainment industry

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From Co.Create's excellent article about the controversy over the Watchmen prequels, Alan Moore explains everything to you:

There's been a growing dissatisfaction and distrust with the conventional publishing industry, in that you tend to have a lot of formerly reputable imprints now owned by big conglomerates. As a result, there's a growing number of professional writers now going to small presses, self-publishing, or trying other kinds of [distribution] strategies. The same is true of music and cinema. It seems that every movie is a remake of something that was better when it was first released in a foreign language, as a 1960s TV show, or even as a comic book. Now you've got theme park rides as the source material of movies. The only things left are breakfast cereal mascots. In our lifetime, we will see Johnny Depp playing Captain Crunch.

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If it wasn't for so many good TV shows coming out recently, I'd be more concerned about the state of cinema. But, with the rise in prices and marginal quality in the actual experience, and on top of it all, so many movies being absolute dreck, I can happily settle for the next season of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and so forth and be content with the episodic format for the time being.

Heck, look at some of the shit being made now. I don't know whether to laugh or pour a 40 for it.