Al Pacino Gives The Perfect Girlfriend Experience

S1m0ne deserves way more of a cult following than it has. The movie, from Andrew Niccol (Gattaca) features Al Pacino giggling like a schoolgirl as he puppeteers a virtual actress through an interview.

S1m0ne has some of the same themes as the Niccol-scripted Truman Show, about celebrity and our addiction for fake "real" personalities. Pacino, desperate to finish a movie after his star walks out, turns to the virtual persona Simone, but he's not prepared for how popular she gets — and how curious people are about her. In a totally demented scene, he attempts to destroy Simone's career by having her direct and star in her own bestiality movie, where she crawls around a pigpen in a wedding dress, bobbing for apples in the pigs' trough. And people still cheer for the (by now Acadamy-Award-winning) Simone. What to do?

Sure S1m0ne is contrived as heck, and features a few too many speeches about how people really prefer fake actors to real ones, and what is truth anyway, yadda yadda, but it's worth it all for the thought-experiment, and for Pacino's coquettish performance as Victor playing Simone. [IMDB]


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