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Al Gore's Daughter Creating Comedy Series About Female Astronauts

Illustration for article titled Al Gores Daughter Creating Comedy Series About Female Astronauts

Well, the headline kind of says it all, doesn't it? Kristin Gore, writer for Futurama and Saturday Night Live and the offspring of former presidential candidate Al Gore, is creating Women in Space, a half-hour comedy series for HBO.


It's going to be about a group of lady astronauts on their journey to colonize another planet, which should be right in Gore's wheelhouse, thanks to her Futurama experience. The pilot will be directed by Jay Roach, who also helmed HBO movies Recount and Game Change, will executive produce. Seeing as the show was only announced earlier today, the art above has absolutely nothing to do with show, if that wasn't already obvious.

[Via Deadline]

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No. The title doesn't say it all. Actually it says almost nothing at all. How about "Futurama and SNL Writer Creating Comedy Series About Female Astronauts"? Women are not defined by the men they are related to, especially not in professional settings! Also, "lady astronauts"? Seriously?!

/in before a million "This isn't Jezebel!" replies