Taiwan's NMA News creates computer-animated depictions of current events that drive a flaming dune buggy into the uncanny valley. NMA's 3D take on the Leno-Conan tiff was amusing, but their version of the Al Gore sex scandal allegations is transcendental...


So this week, a masseuse alleged that in 2006 former Vice-President Al Gore came on to her like a "crazed sex poodle." Normally such gossip isn't in our purview, but when said gossip is portrayed by a bunch of mincing computer avatars that wouldn't be out of place in a Fruity Oaty Bar commercial, we're looking at the new new media. Screw blogs — stilted, salacious machinima is the way to go.

Who's the brainchild behind the channel's animated news initiative? Next Media head honcho billionaire Jimmy Lai. CNN reported on the animation house this February.

Heck, even Adult Swim has recruited NMA for their Sims-on-speed sensibilities. Here's NMA's version of the Ole Miss Admiral Ackbar mascot campaign.


It is our hope that by 2011 io9 will be fully animated by NMA. You won't just read about the topless Sulu scene in Star Trek 2 on Morning Spoilers, you'll see it here first, animated with naughty, naughty polygons.

[Al Gore clip spotted on Mediaite]


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