The live-action, Americanized Akira movie was cancelled, then resurrected from the dead. Unable to be killed, the monster lives on with mass collections of rejected concept art and storyboards in its wake. This latest batch of unconfirmed concept art shows how Hollywood envisioned the gaggle of telekinetic forever children, The Espers.

Discovered by FilmSketchr, these designs are by artist Howard Lau, who was allegedly tasked with bringing the group of Espers to life. The Espers were a collection of children who were experimented on, stuck in the body of kids despite being about 40-years-old (as you'll see below). They also have the power of telekinesis. This is the Esper named Masaru.

We assume that these images are from the originally canned Albert Hughes picture, as we can't imagine Warner Bros. allowing any current art to circulate.

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