Fallout 3 comes out later this year. Like the first two games, it's all about surviving in a post-nuclear world full of mutants, radiation, and other bad stuff that wants to kill you. In the concept artwork above, you can see how mankind has adapted to what's left of the world by building a makeshift bridge to a drydocked and marooned aircraft carrier, which appears to be one of the few sources of manmade light (or fire.) This melancholy image could have done double duty as concept art for that Life After People special on the History Channel.


The first image stands in stark contrast to the shot above, which shows some Mad Max-looking humans celebrating the downing of a baddie. In this edition of Fallout, you play a character whose father has wandered beyond the edge of the safety of Vault 101, a massive fallout shelter that's been sustaining some of the survivors near Washington D.C. You have to set out after your dad, which of course means you'll be attacked by anything and everything, and will probably involve you getting your hands on some cool guns and popping caps in mutant ass.

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