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Airbender's Superbowl Trailer Comes Out Early

Illustration for article titled Airbenders Superbowl Trailer Comes Out Early

Finally, we can see the first ever real footage from M. Night's Airbender. This brand new trailer, which is set to come out on Superbowl Sunday, is already here. Feast your airbending light-up eyes on these new worlds.


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While all we're really seeing here are quick shots, some finished FX and fight scenes, the one thing that does stand out are the gorgeous sets. It's hard to judge anything else, as we haven't seen the finished product. And while it looks very pretty, the rough cut screener reviews haven't been very kind, thus far.


[via UGO]

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Whenever I see a "down and going" director undertake a film with the pre-announced intention of it being the first of a trilogy, I pause and ask myself ... will I live long enough to see the trilogy, if and when? I mean, I am not a young drunkard, and I hate leaving a story unresolved, and I never saw the end of the animated series (if it ever ended).

I am very conflicted. So conflicted, I probably will wait until the third movie wraps (if ever) and then watch the whole thing together in one orgy of nostalgia.