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The makers of The Last Airbender and Green Hornet are scrambling to convert their films to into inferior post-production 3-D. When will this 3-D monster stop?


Two films that were never intended to be 3-D productions — or else they would have shot with 3D cameras — are frantically trying to stick the 3-D tag on the end of their titles. Variety confirmed that M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender would be going 3-D. Meanwhile, the movie's producer Frank Marshall has been twittering about the filmmakers' 3-D experiments this entire time.

Looking at 3-D test… Looking at 3-D for various projects, I think it's here to stay, but not right for all movies… So far, feels like it's better to shoot in 3-D rather than convert….


The Green Hornet, which is also moving its release date to January 14th, 2011 — in order to avoid Tron Legacy's shadow no doubt — also announced that it, too, would be going 3-D. This is hot on the heels of the leak that Sony just now realized that the actor they cast years ago, Seth Rogen, looks nothing like The Green Hornet.

Sony vice-chairman Jeff Blake stated to THR that, ""He [director Michel Gondry] has always kind of shot it having the possiblity of having it in 3D in mind," Bruer said. "It's got a lot of depth and amazing visuals."

On the positive side, it could be pretty amazing to see what a director like Gondry does with a 3D medium. But all in all, it really feels like the studios will do just about anything to get that 4 extra dollars at the box office these days, it's really a shame.


At least one film-maker is sticking to his principles. The Dark Knight's cinematographer, Pfister, explained to Cinematical that making the next Batman film 3D isn't that big of a priority. After all, by the time Batman 3 comes out, the fad may actually be over.

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