Ahsoka Will Be the Gandalf of Star Wars Rebels

Along with this epic trailer—which is apparently mostly scenes from just the first half of the season—the cast and crew of Star Wars Rebels dropped by New York Comic Con to talk about Ahsoka’s reappearance and a new villain, voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar.


As the trailer makes clear, Gellar’s Seventh Sister Inquisitor is a formidable foe for the crew of the Ghost. Gellar described her new character as a “thinking man’s baddie” who “doesn’t just go in for the kill,” but enjoys the hunt-and-torture part.

The trailer also hints to the mystery of Ezra’s parents, which Ezra voice actor Taylor Gray said the show would go “very deep” into this year.

But of course, what everyone was there to find out about was the role that Ahsoka would play. Creator and executive producer Dave Filoni said that Ahsoka was not a new crew member, but “she serves the story, because you can’t just bring Darth Vader into this crew. Because he’d kill them. They need a Gandalf.” And Ahsoka is their Gandalf.

“She shows up when necessary. She’s dealing with bigger, darker problems,” said Filoni. As for what Ahsoka was up to between Clone Wars and Rebels, he added that there are clues throughout the season, answering that question.

The mystery of Ahsoka’s white lightsabers has also been addressed, with Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka) saying, “Ahsoka is no longer a Jedi, so naturally sometimes how I would think Ahsoka would react, she didn’t this season... They’re white, because she’s neutral.” While Filoni repeatedly compared Ahsoka to Gandalf, Eckstein said that she’s having to play her as more of the Obi-Wan.

She may be neutral, but that’s because she’s aware of the role the Jedis had in their own downfall. At the same time, Filoni says, “She’s still good.”


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