Agents of SHIELD Could Be Getting A Kick-Ass Spin-off After All!

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Earlier this year, there were plans to spin off two of the best characters from Agents of SHIELD into their own show: Bobbi Morse and her on-again, off-again sweetie Lance Hunter. That idea seemed dead in the water, but now it’s back—except that it’s not a spin-off, exactly.

What’s the difference? This new show, called Marvel’s Most Wanted, will still feature Bobbi and Lance having adventures on their own. But it sounds as though Adrianne Pallicki and Nick Blood might not leave the cast of Agents of SHIELD, as usually happens with characters on a spin-off series. ABC President Paul Lee told reporters during New York’s upfronts that he was still interested in giving those characters their own show, but he didn’t want to mess with the formula of Agents of SHIELD, just when AoS was hitting its stride creatively. “We absolutely love those characters on SHIELD,” said Lee back then.

In any case, it sounds as though the show will be relatively unconnected to Agents of SHIELD—and maybe it’ll even be a prequel, which would allow the characters to have adventures that don’t affect their SHIELD storylines. ABC has ordered a pilot, which is being written by executive producers Jeffrey Bell and Paul Zbyszewski, but there’s no clue when we might actually see Marvel’s Most Wanted.


[via Variety]

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Please please please just use this as a way to adapt Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye.

Lance Hunter is pretty much comic book Hawkeye save for the whole arrow thing. He’s sarcastic, Bobbi’s ex, and reacts to weird things like Hawkeye. All he needs now is a pizza loving dog and nyc apartment.