Agents of SHIELD Actually Managed To Make Grant Ward Even Creepier

You thought it couldn’t be done! But they totally did it.

First Grant Ward was a dead-eyed psycho who killed his family and betrayed his friends (and may have killed an adorable dog). Then he turned into Daisy’s obsessed stalker, with a weird relationship with the Agent 33 and a penchant for brainwashing. After he died, he came back as a revolting zombie alien, who wants to rule the world for Hydra. And the goopy naked regeneration, and the tentacle head... But now, Agents of SHIELD finally found a way to make Grant Ward 100 percent loathsome. Behold this clip from last night’s episode, “The Team,” in which we not only see Grant’s powers at work in Daisy—but also her cultish perspective on how Grant is filling the empty void that’s been inside her for her entire life. Yeeesh. Given that one of the last times Daisy saw Grant, she pumped him full of bullets, this is even more revolting. OK, I know it’s not really Grant—but it sort of is. And now, Coulson can never trust any of his Inhuman agents again, at least until he gets a cure.


Also, yay for Fitz and Simmons getting together! And boo for Coulson agonizing over his decision to kill Ward. He did the right thing, and it’s not his fault it turned out badly.

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