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Professional villain Hugo Weaving is the Red Skull. Captain America is screwed.

While we still have no idea who Captain America will be — our money is still on relatively unknown Mike Vogel or Chris Evans — news is leaking about who will be playing his evil counterpart, Red Skull.


HeatVision announced that Hugo Weaving (The Matrix, LOTR) is in final talks to play Hitler's favorite shit-stirrer, the Red Skull. The character Red Skull is hand-picked by the Führer to be the face of Nazi terror, and wear a super-scary mask. He's so good at being terrifying that the US puts Captain America on his tail, and the two fight — a lot. But World War II isn't the only place these two battle — after Red Skull gets trapped in suspended animation, as bad guys so often find themselves in, he is later awakened in the present day and starts his own terrorist organization. So these two have quite the history together.


The actual deal for Weaving is allegedly still being made, but it makes sense, seeing as director Joe Johnston just worked with Weaving in The Wolfman.

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