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The Marvel short Agent Carter isn't even out yet — you'll have to wait until the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray hits next Tuesday — but Marvel apparently has confidence in Captain America's former flame. Deadline reports that they're developing a potential TV series based on Ms. Carter.

Now, "developing" can mean a whole host of things, from having a finished pilot to some network executive saying "Hey, why don't you brainstorm this." At this point, this proposed Agent Carter TV series doesn't even have a writer, let alone need to ask whether Hayley Atwell would reprise the role (personal guess: no chance). So I don't know that this is any further along in development that any number of other Marvel projects, including that in-limbo Guillermo del Toro Hulk series.


That said, I'd watch the hell out of a Peggy Carter TV series. Wouldn't you?

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