A Third Season For Agent Carter Is Looking Likely

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Despite fairly low ratings this season, Agent Carter has consistently been an excellent show, and according to NerdReactor, the chances for a third season seem pretty good.


According to the site, studio sources have confirmed that they’re sticking with the show, and plan on renewing the sophomore drama soon. That said, with any unnamed studio source, it’s news that should be taken with a dose of salt.

After its companion show, Agents of SHIELD was renewed for a fourth season without word about Agent Carter, we were pessimistic about its changes for the 2017 television season. Now? Maybe the television gods will be generous this time around. Let’s just hope we’re not getting our hopes up.


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All it really needs is one more season to wrap up the Hydra pin mystery and establish SHIELD.

Agent Carter is the type of series Marvel should be making: limited run shows with highly focused storylines in the MCU, as opposed to shows that run for years and years and get bogged down by their own baggage.

Having a number of short-run TV shows that focus on various superheroes in the MCU would keep Marvel Studios nimble while also feeling expansive.