Hey, remember in Iron Man 2, when Whiplash was all super-pissed at Tony Stark because Tony's dad Howard screwed over his dad? And you didn't care because you were much more confused about why Whiplash had a parrot? Agent Carter will reveal the story behind the dad (but not the parrot, alas).

Australian actor Costa Ronin will play the young version of the father of Mickey Rourke's Ivan Vanko, Anton, who helped Stark create the plans for the arc reactor. I'll bet even money we get to see the scene where Anton does something shady and Howard has him departed back to the USSR, as explained in Iron Man 2.

By the way, Agent Carter is officially fat-packed with characters at this point, and there are only eight episodes of this thing! If it doesn't stop adding new people, it's going to be eight episodes of nothing but people introducing each other. I will make one final exception for the grandfather of Whiplash's parrot, though. Seriously, if there's an obscure origin story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe I want to see, it's that.

[Via Comic Book Movie]