After the Apocalypse, Nature Reclaims Disney's Magic Kingdom

Illustration for article titled After the Apocalypse, Nature Reclaims Disneys Magic Kingdom

Orlando looks very different in the hands of artist Josh Keyes, whose surreal post-apocalyptic scenes we’ve ogled before. This and five other new works by Keyes are currently on display at Antler Gallery & Store in Portland, Oregon.


Antler’s “Reclamation of Nowhere” show features new works by Keyes and artist Brin Levinson. You can see more of Keyes’ work on both Antler and his own website.

“A Whole New World” is featured with the artist’s permission and was spotted via mashKULTURE.

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Ok, I know I’m a WDW nerd but there is no way tigers would end up in the MK after the apocalypse.

Animal Kingdom has the tigers and it is really far south of the Magic Kingdom (ya gotta leave 20 minutes earlier than any other park unless your staying at a MK resort). Second, and more important, the view of the Hub from which this picture depicts, is really on the second floor. With the kind of disaster depicted, the entire Hub would have collapsed into the Utlidors.

Sorry. I really am. My only consolidation is that I never wait more than 15 minutes for any ride.