After several episodes of utter ridiculousness, Jafar becomes a badass

Last night, Wonderland treated us to Jafar's backstory, thus elevating Jafar from Dave Chappelle Prince cosplayer to actual bad-ass motherfucker.

Jafar's secret backstory was an absolute delight. It was fantastic to watch him grow from street rat (hey, Aladdin!) to a monster who poisoned his lover/mentor, thus transforming her into his magical staff. Remember in the Disney Aladdin when they smash Jafar's staff? I wonder if smashing his snake staff in this world will release the sexy witch who taught him everything he knows.


There was so much to love in this episode. How about the introduction of actress Zuleikha Robinson? Gliding into the town square of Agrabah while the townsfolk cower in fear. We're less impressed that Jafar is the bastard son of the Sultan and more impressed with his "fuck this" attitude. Nothing stands in this guy's way. Not even his lady, who, wow, again Zuleikha Robinson is the shit. We did NOT see the end transformation as well. Good stuff.

Meanwhile, Alice continues to work towards her end goal with just as much brazen can-do attitude as Jafar: "I HAVE A BLADE."

Sadly, her one weakness (her heart) is used against her and Jafar turns her one pal, the Knave, into stone (not fake Ellen Page). This had better be rectified soon, because we could do with a whole lot more of the Knave sparring with his ex love the Red Queen. Excellent stuff, totally soapy romancey, but fantastic. Let's hope the rest of the "prison" world Wonderland continues to be miserable and full of deadly surprises.

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