After Months of Wearing Grey Spandex, The Flash Is Finally Giving Elongated Man a Costume

Images: The CW

So far, Flash’s take on Ralph Dibny has been stretching around as the Elongated Man in a costume that is as comical as Dibny himself can be. But, at long last, Ralph is getting something that looks a bit better than his light-grey spandex take on Daredevil season 1's costume.

The CW has released new pictures from next week’s episode of Flash, delightfully titled “The Elongated Knight Rises.” After Barry got sent behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit in the midseason premiere last night, Ralph finds himself forced to suit up as Central City’s hero. And on a CW show, that means a mandatory trip to the superhero wardrobe.


The design and color scheme of the jacket almost looks like it was borrowed from the getup originally worn by Ronnie Raymond when he first became Firestorm all those years ago. Cisco’s already reusing ideas, but Ronnie’s not around to complain anymore, is he? [Editor’s Note: Ouch, James]. The fancy domino mask is a lovely touch though.

Still, as fun as it was to see Ralph running around in his gray spandex, it was about time he actually got something slicker looking to wear—and at least it’s not another all-leathery getup like so many of the CW/DC superheroes get. Which probably would’ve been a nightmare to elongate in, anyway.


“The Elongated Knight Rises” airs next Tuesday, January 23.

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