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Adventure Time Fan Made A Snap Bracelet Replica Of Finn's Grass Sword

Illustration for article titled emAdventure Time/em Fan Made A Snap Bracelet Replica Of Finns Grass Sword

During this past season of Adventure Time, Finn acquired the Grass Sword, which wraps around his wrist when not in use. One fan noted that Finn's sword has a lot in common with those collapsible snap bracelets—and used them to make his very own Grass Sword.


reddit user JoshuaQuail showed off his snapping Grass Sword on r/AdventureTime and explained that the "snapping" component is measuring tape. If you want a grass blade of your very own, he's selling them in his Etsy shop—a 14-inch dagger version for $8 and a 24-inch sword version for $14.


I made a Grass Blade snap bracelet! [r/AdventureTime]

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Amazing! Snap bracelets were definitely the first thing I thought of when I saw the sword. I can see these being a super popular item for people to buy.