Adventure Time and Regular Show Will Cross Over in Their Own Comic

Image: Kaboom, via Entertainment Weekly

Adventure Time and Regular Show already both have their own ongoing comic series from Boom Studios imprint Kaboom. Now, they’re combining into a totally mathematical new creation: a special crossover comic book series beginning later this year.

Announced through Entertainment Weekly today, Adventure Time/Regular Show—written by Conor McCreery with art from Mattia Di Meo—will see the friendships of both Jake and Finn and Mordecai and Rigby strained (although, naturally, you can expect the power of their respective friendships to be refreshed over the course of the crossover). Meanwhile, a cross-dimensional adventure sees the power—literally called “The Power”—needed to save Ooo from a sinister villain hidden away by Skip for reasons unknown. It’s just the amount of goofiness you’d expect from mashing up two of Cartoon Network’s most beloved series together.


Adventure Time/Regular Show is set to begin this August.

Update: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that the shows had previously crossed over before. It’s been updated to clarify that that’s not the case.

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