You may have seen the first Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance of Bobbi Morse, the agent codenamed Mockingbird, in last night's Agents of SHIELD. But you haven't seen her in her official Mockingbird superhero outfit, because Marvel just released the first pic — and it's damn near perfect.

Now that's a suit that would look 100% awesome and badass on TV or in a major motion picture, if, say, Mockingbird were to run on-screen during Avengers: Age of Ultron to kick some robot ass alongside Black Widow all while flirting with Hawkeye. Anyways, the darkness of the photo makes it a bit difficult to tell, but the combination of blue and black is a perfect homage to her comic costume. For a better look, check out Agents of SHIELD costume designer Ann Foley's concept art:

Man. Literally the only way I could love this any more is if she had a little white mask on, but I think I'll manage.