Adorably Old And Pudgy Seagal Still Deciding Who Lives And Who Dies

Where do aged action stars go? Steven Seagal is still using his sword skills to defeat vampires in this Against the Dark trailer, and it's nice to see him up and about again.

Packs of vampires are attacking the city, and it's up to Steven Seagal and a group of kids to end the slaughter before it spreads too far.

Seagal plays Commander Tao — no, I did not make that up — a master swordsman whose job it is to wave around objects and make blanketed statements, and I'm assuming, say, philosophical things as well with that name. As a fan of the man, I must say Seagal is brandishing a lot of weaponry in this, perhaps due to his inability to do anything agile anymore?


We'll have to wait to find out, as Against The Dark isn't released until 10 February 2009.

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