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Admiral Ackbar For University Of Mississippi Football Mascot?

Illustration for article titled Admiral Ackbar For University Of Mississippi Football Mascot?

Students at the University of Mississippi have launched a campaign to replace their former antebellum mascot, Colonel Reb, with the O.G. Mon Calamari rebel, Admiral Ackbar. Unfortunately for Star Wars fans, Ole Miss officials are sensing a trap.


Since 2003, the University of Mississippi retired Colonel Reb, Ole Miss' Colonel Sanders lookalike, as their on-field mascot. This year students voted on whether to begin the search for a new mascot - the squid-eyed Supreme Commander of the Rebel fleet has garnered some serious press as a candidate, thanks in no small part to an internet campaign that went viral.

Even though there's no chance in hell Ole Miss' administration will honor the vote if the good Admiral wins, the idea of him puttering around The Grove, slamming mint juleps with J. Crew-clad frat boys is too ludicrous for this reality. Perhaps Star Wars fans would've had better luck if they nominated Nien Nunb. He and Lando did most of the heavy lifting anyway.

[via CBS Sports]

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Could be worse. Could be Mon Mothma.

Many linemen died, getting to that quarterback.