As recognizable as the characters in our favorite scifi movies are, the landscapes are what completes the vision. A new poster set by artist Jordan Buckner focuses on these familiar cinematic vistas, and each one is more gorgeous than the next.

Buckner’s 12-print series is called “Visions of a Past, Present and Future” and it just went up for sale at the Hero Complex Gallery. We’re excited to exclusively debut over half the set. We think you’ll recognize these...

That’s Akira, Alien, Blade Runner, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Moon, Star Wars, and The Fly, in case you were curious. And there are five more too.


Buckner’s series is reminiscent of several other popular pop culture artists: Dan McCarthy, J.C. Richard and Mark Englert come to mind. But the ethereal colors on these pieces, the almost paint-like aesthetic, and the zoomed out, desolate point of view, make them stand out in a world of movie themed, landscape art prints.

Each piece is a 36 x 12-inch giclee in an edition of 75. You can get them individually for $45, in a matched set of three, or in a full set of 12. All the info is at this link.

[Hero Complex Gallery]

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