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Add Legion Of Super-Heroes To The Pile Of DC Movies WB Wants To Make

Illustration for article titled Add emLegion Of Super-Heroes/em To The Pile Of DC Movies WB Wants To Make

A new rumor posits that Warner Bros. is searching for scriptwriters to take a shot at adapting the 31st century teens of the Legion of Super-Heroes for a movie. Seeing as even DC can't get a Legion of Super-Heroes comic to stick around more than a year or two, I wouldn't get too excited.


I mean, I'm sure the success of Marvel's equally esoteric team Guardians of the Galaxy makes Warner Bros. execs hopeful they can replicate its success, but there's a major difference between being "hopeful" and "confident." Seeing as WB still hasn't even officially announced a Wonder Woman movie, I have a hard time imagining these them ever receiving a LoSH treatment they have the balls to actually film.

[Via Latino Review]

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Challenge: Can anyone actually name all those characters (without cheating and using the internet)?
Bonus: Can anyone confirm that the Legion of Superheros used their time travel to bring a costume designer forward in time from the 1970s?