Adam Wingard's Not Making a Face/Off Remake—It's a Sequel

Nicolas Cage is John Travolta and John Travolta is Nicolas Cage in Face/Off.
Nicolas Cage is John Travolta and John Travolta is Nicolas Cage in Face/Off.
Screenshot: Paramount Pictures

Yesterday, it was reported that Adam Wingard (he of Godzilla vs. Kong, but also my personal favorite, You’re Next) would be helming a remake of the Nicolas Cage-John Travolta action nonsense classic, John Woo’s Face/Off. Well, like Nicolas Cage’s face on top of John Travolta’s face, all is not as it appears.


Though Deadline called it a remake yesterday (same as when we first heard of this project back in 2019), per Wingard himself, it’s not a remake or a reboot, but a direct sequel.

Wingard wrote on Instagram, “I would NEVER re-imagine or remake FACE/OFF. It’s a perfect action movie. Simon Barrett and I are writing a direct SEQUEL!”

Wingard will be writing the script along with frequent collaborator Barrett even though Cloverfield Paradox screenwriter Oren Uziel was previously announced to pen the script for Paramount in 2019. Deadline suggests previous leads Travolta and Cage would be recast though it seems more likely it would focus on new characters. 

We don’t know much more than that right now, though we do have title suggestions:

  • Face/Off 2: Facer/Offer
  • Face/Off 2: Facest/Offest (My Hat is Like a Shark Fin)
  • Face/Off 2: Don’t Go Chasing Face Waterfalls
  • Face/Off 2: The Gloves Are Off, and Also the Faces
  • Face/Off 2: The Face Is Wrong, Bitch
  • Face/Off 2: Put Jason Mantzoukas in It, You Cowards

We’ll let you know more about this very important developing story as we know it.


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No Face/Off: Face/On, or Faces/Off