Adam Scott Suspects His Stepson Is Satan's Son in the Trailer for Little Evil

Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix
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Writer-director Eli Craig made the horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil—about a pair of good ol’ boys who get mistaken for backwoods maniacs and hilariously upend the “cabin in the woods” genre in the process. His latest, the Adam Scott-starring Little Evil, looks like it’ll do the same for movies about spooky, bad-seed kids.


The first trailer made its way on the internet today, and you see Scott’s character contemplating the fact that his six-year-old stepson might be the Antichrist. As you can see, the li’l guy—whose mom is played by Ant-Man’s Evangeline Lilly—certainly dresses exactly like Damien from The Omen, in addition to being “top of the dick chain” in terms of his behavior. So... it’s not looking good for our nervous new father figure, but it does look potentially very funny.

Little Evil arrives on Netflix September 1.

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Man, this has such potential. On the other hand, it could try too hard with the evil kid trope that it can turn out to be silly and not funny.

It’s on my add list anyway.