Adam Savage Really Wants You to Watch Syfy's The Expanse

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Former Mythbusters’ star Adam Savage is a self-described “superfan” of The Expanse, Syfy’s critically acclaimed sci-fi spectacle. As the show gets ready for season 2, Savage himself hosted a 20-minute expansive look into the space opera, which is available to watch for free online. If you haven’t watched any of the show, this will definitely help you catch up.


The Expanse is one of those shows that isn’t as instantly recognizable as Westworld or The Walking Dead, but the people who know about it really, really want you to know about it too. Based on the book series by James S.A. Corey, The Expanse has gone on to match and surpass many sci-fi fans’ expectations, giving us both high-scale drama and smaller, more intimate character moments. It made our list of Best TV Shows of 2016 as a near-perfect example of the sci-fi genre.

The second season promises to be even bigger, with the latest trailer amping up the drama, conflict, and body count. The series doesn’t return until February 1. In the meantime, the first season was released on Amazon Video earlier this week, but sadly not for free (at least not yet). If $15 is a bit too steep, Savage can help you get a bit more caught up before the show comes back.

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I’ve read the first three books. Is the show any good?