File this under 'Bound To Happen': Blindness, the movie about people being hauled off and quarantined after losing their sight from an epidemic, has ended up really ticking off real-life blind people. The offended are protesting that the blindness epidemic in the movie isn't a metaphor for the collapse of society, but really just plain insulting. Marc Maurer, president of the Baltimore-based National Federation of the Blind is not happy about the depiction of the blind in new movie Blindness and he's taking a stance.In an interview with PopEater, Maurer stated his issues:

"The movie portrays blind people as monsters, and I believe it to be a lie," said Maurer, president of the Baltimore-based National Federation of the Blind. "Blindness doesn't turn decent people into monsters."


What does he intend to do about it? Protest. He is currently organizing 75 protests around the country this Friday, when Blindness is released. Which, to be frank, could be just what this "it's ok" movie could use. Maurer and fellow protesters won't be swayed no matter how many times Miramax tells them it's really a story about courageous spirit and overcoming adversity, he explained:

"I think that failing to understand each other is a significant problem," he said. "I think that portraying it as associated with blindness is just incorrect."


Maybe it was the part when they started almost killing each other for food and trading sex for vittles that upset him. [PopEater]