Actress Natasha Henstridge is the Chupacabra. For real.

The Chupacabra, a legendary blood-sucking cryptid, appeared on The X-Files, had its own series called Chupacabra: Dark Seas, and enjoys near-mascot status in Texas. Now it seems it may have its origins in the movie Species.

The first reported sightings of the Chupacabra, feasting on goat blood, were in Puerto Rico in 1995. A woman outside at night saw a creature hunched over with long, spindly arms and legs, an ovoid head, spikes, and red eyes. Once the word was out about this creature, suddenly there seemed to be a Chupacabra invasion. People saw them as far north as Maine, and all over Mexico. The Chupacabras even seemed to have a Russian brigade, which killed Turkeys and sucked out their blood.


In the end, though, it was Texas that seemed to corner the market on Chupacabras. Several were killed in San Antonio, and a few were caught on film by highway patrol or animal control cameras. These looked a lot different than the original. They had four legs, and floppy ears, and didn't suck blood. Most biologists took at look at the corpses and identified them as coyotes with mange. (Most non-biologists did, too.)

But a huge, hideous creature that has spikes down its back, an alien-like head and hideous glowing red eyes? That can't be a mangy coyote. That had to be something far more sinister; Natasha Henstridge. In 1995, Natasha lent her acting skills to a movie called Species. Species concerns itself with the trials and tribulations of being a beautiful woman in the modern world - who has been created with alien DNA by foolish earth scientists. She runs around LA, fighting scientists, attempting to mate, and killing unacceptable suitors. At first, mating is not difficult. She looks like a gorgeous blonde. Then her alien DNA starts kicking in, and she begins to look like this:

Look familiar?

When the woman who started the craze in 1995 was asked if she saw Species prior to seeing the goat sucker, she said yes. But hey, maybe the famous Chupacabra can change form. It would be pretty smart to look like a movie monster in order to discredit whoever saw you committing your villainous acts. If any Chupacabras are reading this, may I suggest changing into the form of a goat rancher next?


Via Live Science.

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