Actor Danny Ramirez Is Joining the Cast of The Falcon & the Winter Soldier

Danny Ramirez in 2018.
Danny Ramirez in 2018.
Photo: Phillip Faraone (Getty Images)

The Falcon & the Winter Soldier is already in production, but it’s adding at least one new unannounced cast member at this late hour: Danny Ramirez. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ramirez, of On My Block and Top Gun: Maverick, will be joining the cast in an unspecified role, joining Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson and Sebastian Stan as Bucky.


The Falcon & the Winter Soldier went on a long production hiatus due to covid-19; it was in the middle of its production when the pandemic hit, with the Hollywood Reporter reporting that it had several weeks of filming left to do. Production is ongoing again, though it’s unclear if Ramirez was added to the show only recently or if his role was only now revealed publicly. According to THR, he’ll be playing a major role, though, and will be joining Wyatt Russell as a newcomer to the MCU.

The Falcon & the Winter Soldier was supposed to hit this year, but is currently scheduled for sometime in 2021. 

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Angrier Geek

Geek gasp! Could he be Joaquin Torres aka The New Falcon? Though obviously he’d just a be new pilot with the wings and not have them thanks to a mad scientist. Though it’d be awesome if they leaned into some of that batshit crazy stuff.