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Lord Richard Attenborough, acclaimed actor and Academy Award–winning director of Gandhi, passed away today, five days before his 91st birthday.


Attenborough's prolific film career spanned more than six decades. He lent his dramatic talents to no fewer than 70 films, including such iconic pictures as Brighton Rock, The Great Escape, and, of course, Jurassic Park.

Gandhi, Attenborough's 1982 biopic about the eponymous leader of India's non-violent independence movement, established his ascendancy as a filmmaker; the film was nominated for 11 Academy Awards and won eight, two of which – Best Director and Best Picture – went to Attenborough.


Attenborough's son, Michael, told the BBC his father died today at lunchtime. No cause was given, but reports indicate Attenborough had been in poor health since 2008, when a stroke left him confined to a wheelchair. A full statement from is family is reportedly forthcoming.


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