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More signs that the end of days is nigh: the bendy-bullet, killing-machine movie Wanted is rumored to become a full-fledged trilogy. And boozy has-been superhero Hancock may get yet another chance to sully the screen with some terrible plot devices. Click through to find out who's back, and who's still dead, in the next pointless installments. With spoilers.


Cinema Blend's insiders spilled that Wanted isn't just getting a sequel as graphic novel writer Mark Millar has been saying, but going one further with a completely unnecessary trilogy about the fraternity of assassins and their super-loom. James McAvoy is considered a lock, as is bullet-making monk Terrance Stamp. And Angelina Jolie might be back briefly (they'll need someone to carry the brunt of the marketing after all). Let's go ahead and assume that this'll be a flashback featuring Fox, or else Fox's sexy evil twin, since Angelina's character was clearly dead by the end of the first flick.

In other "please dear god why is this being movie being made" news, the word on the street is Sony is already gearing up for Hancock number two. Still, the rumor has it Will Smith didn't actually like the first film, and he won't be back for a second outing unless he gets some sort of creative control over the next flick. Well, at least he has enough taste to hate his own work.


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