Achieve Galactic Fame And Fortune With New Science Fiction Publishing Contest

Attention, aspiring novelists! A new competition could get your space epic or Singularity romance published by a major publisher, and bring you the adoration of millions. SciFiNow is sponsoring the War Of The Words contest in collaboration with and (more promisingly) Tor U.K. — and even though it's a U.K. contest, people can enter from anywhere. To enter, you need a synopsis and three sample chapters, but you can't advance to the finalist stage unless you're able to produce an entire novel. More details here. [SFFChronicles]

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Hey, I got a great idea, it's about these hot chicks who are cadets at a space academy and fly a huge robot shaped spaceship but captured by a bunch of tentacled aliens. This hasn't been done already has it?

"It's a thousand pages give or take a few

I'll be writing more in a week or two."

The Beatles

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