Acclaimed Director Ang Lee May Direct Long-Awaited Clone Thriller Gemini Man

Image: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Image: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

In Hollywood, there are certain projects that have been spinning their wheels for years. They still have promise, but the right elements just haven’t come together to actually push them into production. One such title is scifi thriller Gemini Man—which has new life thanks to an A-list director.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, which notes that Gemini Man has been kicking around for 20 years, Ang Lee (Life of Pi, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, the Hulk film with Eric Bana) is currently in negotiations to direct the movie. The concept is intriguing—it’s about a veteran assassin who has to battle his own clone, a 25-years-younger version of himself—but back in 1997, then-prospective producer Jerry Bruckheimer wasn’t sure the technology that could allow one actor to play both parts was quite up to the challenge. During Gemini Man’s limbo, various directors (including the late Curtis Hanson), writers (including Game of Thrones’ David Benioff), and stars (Mel Gibson) circled and tinkered with the project.

But with Lee onboard—and the fact that in 2017, the digital de-aging of actors for dramatic purposes is totally commonplace (Westworld and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story are just two examples)—it seems like Gemini Man may finally move forward after all. If the deal goes through, it’ll be interesting to see what the director behind the special effect-laden Life of Pi (and the fight-laden Crouching Tiger) does with this scifi story. And, of course, to see who he casts. Hopefully not Mel Gibson.

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Michael Munro

Anyone else remember the 1976 Gemini Man TV series?