Academy Assembling Avengers at ABC's Awards Amphitheater?

Some, but not all, of the cast of Avengers: Infinity War at the D23 Expo in 2017.
Some, but not all, of the cast of Avengers: Infinity War at the D23 Expo in 2017.
Photo: Disney

The Academy Awards are not likely to have a dedicated host this year, and it seems the powers that be are hoping some actors with superpowers may help the show.


The Hollywood Reporter says the producers of the upcoming Oscars telecast on February 24 are trying to wrangle some kind of Avengers reunion on the show. Now, exactly what that means is unclear—but, basically, you have to imagine they just want the whole cast of Avengers: Infinity War and probably more. To do what? For how long? To what end? That’s also unconfirmed, but the general idea has to be that it would simply be a fun, impressive moment for people watching the show. Maybe they’ll just cut to them all eating shawarma?

It would also celebrate last year’s highest-grossing film around the world, Avengers: Infinity War; promote what’s likely to be this year’s highest grossing film around the world, Avengers: Endgame; celebrate 10 years of Marvel Studios raking in dough for movie theaters; and deflect, at least for a few minutes, the idea that no one wants to host the Oscars anymore.


I see absolutely nothing wrong with any of this. In fact, it would be kind of awesome. However, I do pity the people tasked with trying to arrange it. Not even Marvel could get all of the cast of Infinity War together for the film’s premiere (because Chris Evans had a play in New York he couldn’t miss). So to try and do something similar on short notice like this? You’d need your own, fully-gemmed Infinity Gauntlet to pull it off.

The 2019 Academy Awards air February 24 on ABC...which is owned by Disney. And whether or not the Avengers assemble for the show, they will reassemble two months later when Endgame opens April 26.

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Starts out with just Josh Brolin, he walks out on stage snaps his fingers and poof! the whole cast is standing there.

Edit: They could also do a bit with Ryan Reynolds trying to get on stage with them but security keeps turning him away.