Disappointed that there won't be any Star Trek sneak peeks at this year's San Diego Comic-Con? You're not the only one - Director JJ Abrams (who will be there, in support of his new TV show Fringe) has been sharing his feelings about the decision to reporters on the Television Critics Association tour, and he's happy to lay the blame at other people's feet.

Explaining that the movie's non-appearance has everything to do with the studio and nothing to do with a lack of finished special effects, Abrams said,

I'm very disappointed, because the characters are so good, the actors are so good, that I would have been psyched just to show some of the stuff that's about the people. Because it's not really about the visual effects. But with so little done... And this was a big kind of strategic decision on [Paramount's] part. so I was disappointed.


Just to rub salt into the geek wound, he repeated that this was part of a larger move from Paramount that will keep other movies from being previewed:

G.I Joe's not going. Transformers 2's not going.

Wow, thanks, JJ. Now I don't want to go.

Flickr image from Biriwilg.

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