ABC's Summer Schedule Offers Cut-Rate Sci-Fi Thrills

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ABC have announced their summer schedule, and amongst the specials about JK Rowling and Primetime specials, there were a couple of shows that caught our eye. Mostly because they sounded like SciFi Original Movie escapees.


To be fair, Earth 2100 has at least some possibilty of credibility; it's an ABC News special looking at what the next century has to offer the planet, and how some of the worst trouble could be avoided by taking steps today. Airing June 2nd, it's hosted by Bob Woodruff, so you know who to email to ask why it's not called Earth 2109.

However, there's no factual genesis to the promisingly-bad sounding Impact, which airs June 21st and 28th. We've already told you about this mini-series before, so let's let the Hollywood Reporter explain it this time:

David James Elliott stars in the mini about a small band of international astronauts, scientists, and soldiers banding together to save Earth from the approaching Moon.

That's right, people; the fucking moon is coming to crush us, and only the star of the shortlived 2006 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and JAG can save us. The best part about this show may be the fact that, while it may be premiering on ABC, it'll find its natural home of SciFi soon afterwards, as they bought the re-run rights to it last month.

Fall - and new ABC drama Flash Forward - really can't come soon enough.

ABC sets summer schedule: Rowling, 'Diamonds,' 'Impact' [THR Live Feed]



Isn't the moon moving farther away at about 1 foot per year?