ABC's Summer Officially Filled With Daisies And Eli Stone

It's now been confirmed: Pushing Daisies' final episodes will definitely air on ABC Saturday nights at 10pm from May 30th through June 13th, before the timeslot is taken over by the final four episodes of Eli Stone. Between this news and Kings relocation to Saturdays, it's as if Saturday is the new Friday. Or something. [Variety]


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Kevin Howell -The Unseen Commentor

What is the point? I mean I really liked both of these shows. I started watching Eli Stone on like the second or third show and found it to actually be good. I don't normally give musical shows a chance but I like Johnny Lee Miller and Natasha Henstridge never hurts anything plus the dad from Alias. It was a good uplifting show. I watched every episode the first season because I knew it would get cancelled. It actually had a great ending. When it got a second season then I thought ok this is going somewhere now only to have it end for no reason.

With Pushing Daisies I thought it would get cancelled straight away. It was to whimsical and good! It seemed destined for "brilliant but canceled". I started watching when it got a second season. Which means as soon as I actually got into it it was cancelled.

I think both of these shows would of had a better chance if they had been put on the same night. They were both whimsical shows. They had good messages and good writing. They were both a joy to watch and tried to do more than just stay in the same old tv molds.

So why air them now? Only the fans will watch if they even know that they are going to be on. Any one else won't want to see a show that is cancelled.