ABC's Miniseries Impact Shows The Upside To The End Of The World

A German miniseries (with American actors) shows us that doomsday doesn't have to be such a downer. In fact, when the Moon hurtles on a collision course with Earth, the upside is no more gravity.

Apparently as the Moon gets closer to our surface, the greater influence it has over our Earthling gravity, or something like that. So, zero-gravity beach party at my house on the final days of our existence. Check out the latest trailer for Impact, the miniseries ABC out-bid the Syfy Channel for, and ask: was it worth it, ABC?


The series will appear this fall.

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Lamar Henderson

It's been a while since I studied astronomy, but I thought a brown dwarf was a protostar that hadn't gathered enough mass to initiate fusion, which means — I think, correct me if I'm wrong — a brown dwarf would be several times larger than Jupiter, meaning that if one hit the moon, it would like hit Earth at the same time, more or less, and swallow them both up.

Also, I'm thinking we'd notice something several times the size of Jupiter moving toward us, even if it was sneakily hiding behind a meteor shower. I'm just saying.