ABC's Flash Forward View Of The Future Is More Like An Acid Flashback

Illustration for article titled ABCs Flash Forward View Of The Future Is More Like An Acid Flashback

Teaser trailers for David S. Goyer's highly anticipated Flash Forward TV show kicked off last night during Lost, with a short barrage of blipverts that confused and confounded us. What did you see?


The show is based on Robert J. Sawyer's novel where the everyone in the world blacks out for two minutes and has a vision of the future. What each person sees changes the world forever. The series hasn't officially been picked up yet by ABC, but if this campaign is a sign, they're angling to turn it into the next Lost, in other words another confusing-yet-addictive drama.

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Hey, TV people... The problem, as many of us like to point out and as you network types occasionally gripe, is DVR's. Neilsen doesn't count it, but as you correctly point out there are tons of us with them who actually are watching all these shows that are "not getting ratings". Most of those shows are complex, conceptual, sci-fi shows, like Flash Forward. So if your possible fan base for a show like that are the same people who have the technology to fast forward through commercials.... DONT SHOW BLIP-VERTS!!!