ABC's First Stab At Explaining Its New Psychic Migraine Show

Exactly what is Flash Forward, ABC's new Fall show, about? Here's a flashy (sorry) trailer that tries to explain in 30 seconds. It aired during Lost, and promises breasts, surfers, disasters and Joseph Fiennes.


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Anekanta - spoon denier

When I flashed forward, I saw everyone was wearing swim trunks, flippers, and ballet tutus, and the world was governed by an evil mega-corporation with a private army of soldiers in Hello Kitty shaped powered armour. Company policy required everyone to wear an ipod playing nothing but the chicken dance over and over again (turning it off would get you fed to the hamsters), and every time you entered a building, you had to spin in a circle and bow to a giant portrait of Eric Estrada.

Wait a minute... who put the acid in my drink?